Website update!

We are in the process of creating the 2 members areas. This will hopefully be ready to go live in the next few weeks. more details coming soon. The first members area is for those readers who want to help us move the websites aims forwards: essentially trying to make it always more profitable to retain wildlife than to kill it – through creating a marketplace for it to be advertised: as you can imagine this is a huge job and we need all the help we can get. Apart from giving you a members area, we want to set things up so you can be an advocate for the sites aims – it will be possible for you to add destinations to the site in the members area, There will also be discussion forums and the ability for readers to interact with me.

The second members area is to help the website fulfil its objective: this will be for people who either live alongside wildlife “in the shadow of mankind” or run something in a “wild place” or run a “hide”. This is designed to work as a forum for those listed on the site, so while people can sign up before listing, this is essential if you wish to remain a member. We will also include those who work in conservation and possibly a writers area (those who agree to write an article for the website ever week or so). This members area will be free for eligible people and will give similar resources.

We have had some issues with security over the last few months. We have succeeded in improving security, but seem to be having some plugin issues (we have been intermittently locked out). We are hoping that these problems are behind us (thankfully they have not impacted the front end of the site).

We continue to strive to become the go-to resource for both conservationists and wildlife tourism. As you can imagine that is a huge aim, but we hope that when these member areas go live, some of you might join us, and help make it a reality.

Tim Welby

So, while the website is back up there is something wrong

We are hoping to return to normal services in the near future. Unfortunately, when the website returned, it had a real problem with using far more computing power than it needed before the hack.

There are no viruses, and it works fine until it hits its maximum, which forces it offline. We are hoping to fix this in the next few days.

Please bare with me

The website was hacked! nothing lost, and wildlife tourism to Africa can return

Hello everyone! We survive

So, the website was hacked. Nothing was stolen, from what I was told they were just able to delete the website. Thankfully we back up, so we have survived.

We have added a significant extra layer of protection which should make it impossible for the same problem to arise (it had nothing to do with the attack on Facebook and WhatsApp). While we do on occasion have sharing buttons, that is the extent of our link so we were safe.

Bigger news, many red list countries have been upgraded allowing travel. These countries include

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