Polar ice is now melting 6 times faster than it was in the 1990s

This statistic on its own is alarming but to put it in Context this suggest that we are tracking the worst of the three scenarios put forward by climate scientists in the past.

Predictions were already suggesting that we would have sea level Rises of around 53 cm by the end of the century ( on average) but recent analyses suggest that this is going to be around 70cm. Bear in mind this is on current projections given all promises made by countries to reduce their carbon emissions. There are significant number of countries in the world that are already having problems with sea level rise but just Holland where a third of the country is below sea level as it is. Bangladesh would also lose significant territory. 

Of this sea level rise about 1/3 comes from melting ice in Greenland and Antarctica, and a further half from thermal expansion of the water that already is in the oceans. The rest comes from the remaining glaciers of the world- though unlike the ice melts from Greenland and Antarctica the glacier melt doesn’t seem to be accelerating.

The study concluded that it takes time for the melt to start, after starting it can take decades for it to stop even if the temperature falls again. Essentially they concluded as many other studies that the human race needed to cut carbon emissions dramatically in the near future in order to halt severe problems.

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