Trump trying to destroy the Arctic wildlife refuge before he loses power

Trump is going to kick start the process of selling rights to drill oil in the arctic refuge on the 6th of January.

The arctic refuge is an important area, both for wildlife and the local people. Furthermore, the world cannot afford the carbon cost of releasing all the stored gases under this important land. It is essential for the continual survival of Polar bears in the long-term

Whats more, in the lame-duck session, he is desperately keen to get this process so far along, that it is impossible for Biden to undo this stupid move that is totally anti-democratic.

The Arctic refuge is one of the few last remaining arctic wilderness largely untouched by humans. It doesn’t matter what what the drillers say, any significant human activity in this region will disrupt wildlife populations. Furthermore a spill on this part of the world, could be devastating,and likely almost impossible to clear up.

It’s hard to understand who precisely this is supposed to do benefit. Trump has shown himself to be purely mercurial, is the hope the vote this might gain him in the 2024 election will outweigh the votes he will lose. Surveys consistently show 67% of Americans against drilling in this area – so who is Trump trying to please?

More to the point, what is his actual view on global warming? Despite admitting its potency on several occasions during his presidency his actions speak louder in the other direction. As a father and a grandfather, does he not care about future generations or is it merely the case that he simply believes it was all made up: given the information available to him either is a terrifying reasoning. After 4 years of astoundingly reckless behaviour, you would have thought that he would have lost most of his base. Unfortunately Trump received so many votes in the election that only Biden in history got a larger popular vote.

Hopefully Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will manage to put in place and number of common sense environmental transformations which will make returning to the trump lunacy in 2024 an unthinkable idea.

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