Andes Cordillera, the longest continuous mountain range on earth

The Andes Cordillera is an enormous area. Containing a wide range of mammals including the vicuna, Guanaco, Llama and the Alpaca. Some other native animals include the Yellow-tailed woolly monkey, Chinchilla, Taruca, Huemul, South American fox, and the mountain Tapir. Currently, only 23% of it is protected, so this is a wilderness area where visits are important to encourage the local governments to do more to protect the area. The Andes Mountains line the western edge of the South American continent. Running from Venezuela all the way along Chile, to the southern tip of South America, crossing through Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

Below is a video from one of the protected areas in this mountain range. There are plenty more.

This is a huge range of mountains. Please click here if you are wanting to look at the cloud forests of Peru Ecuador and Columbia which lie in this mountain range

Below is a sightings map for the whole of the Andes.

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