Do you run a hotel / campsite / holiday home in a place with wildlife nearby? is a hugely useful resource. Having a site that lists all the hotels is very helpful. However, as can be expected this does not necessarily meet every purpose effectively.

Don’t get me wrong, you will (at least currently) find links on some of my pages to resources, however this site has different aims. 

For a large number of people, the type of accommodation is not as important as the location. Furthermore, while in cities will give you many options, if you are looking in remote regions there are likely to be few if any places to stay. I have also found that  does not have a great range of campsites.

The aim of this site is to simplify wild travel, as such if you run any sort of accommodation in a place with interesting wildlife we are interested in working with you.

We will need the same information that you would give any site of this sort.

Type of accommodation: including details pictures and pricing. We also have an availability calendar, which can sync with many other calendars.

Information on the wildlife that you are near. This is how people will find you. Do look on the website to see if your “wilderness” is already listed, if it is we can simply add your accommodation to the list. If not, a brief piece of text about the area, with a few pictures is all we need.

Perhaps, you are a farmer contending with predators on your land. Our aim is to be able to have people pay to visit – thereby offsetting any loss of income, and giving you a second stream.

If you fall into any of these categories and believe that you have something of interest to show people, of the natural world, fill in the form below and we will get back to you.

It is up to you what you charge, our fee for any booking is 10% of your charge.

Have a look at the listings we currently have to get an idea of what your listing will look like, and what we need.

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