Serengeti ecosystem - Serengeti, Ngorogoro Crator, Olduvai gorge, Massai mara and other portected reserves

The Serengeti ecosystem is one of the most famous places in the natural world. Playing host to one of the largest land based migration, where more than 2 million herbivores walk around the ecosystem following the rains.

Consisting of the Serengeti, the Massai Mara, Ngorongoro crater and numerous other reserves, it is a must see for anyone interested in the natural world.

Singita runs two  of these reserves bordering the Serengeti, an area through which the migration passes. This means that by taking your safari with Singita, not only will you have a luxurious safari in this fantastic world famous ecosystem but do so without the crowds.

Grumeti Reserve

Singita Grumeti consists of 1,400 square km of land on the  northern edge of the Serengeti that has been protected since 1994. The migration passes through this area during January to march, and so is an important part of the ecosystem. However, being a private reserve allows a freedom not always available within the main reserve. Furthermore, as it is private you can be sure that there will not be huge crowds of cars around animal kills.

Within this reserve, you have a choice of places to stay: Serengeti House, Faru Faru Lodge, Sabora Tented Camp, Sasakwa Lodge

Places to stay in Grumeti

Faru Faru Lodge

An open spacious lodge that embodies the laid-back feel of Africa, lying in the heart of the Serengeti overlooking a watering hole and the Grumeti river. Luxury awaits.

Sabora Tented Camp

A tented camp, but in the feel of the old Safaris with Persian rugs and beautiful antiques all around. This camp is modelled on the 1920 explorers camps.

Sasakwa Lodge

In the style of an Edwardian home, the accommodation consists of nine spacious cottages each with its own pool. Set on a hill, wide panoramic views greet you in every direction.

Serengeti House

Fantastic for a group of people travelling together. For the exclusive use of one group at a time, you have a staff to cater for your every whim from food to massages and wildlife viewing.

Lamai Reserve

Singita Lamai covers 400 square km of land on also on the northern border of the Serengeti, slightly north and east of Grumeti.

There is only one permanent place to stay within Singita Lamai – Singita Mara river camp. The camp sits overlooking the Mara river, so at the right time of year you can watch the migration from your tent.

The Mara river camp offers opulence on a level which many hotels cannot match – with beautiful shared areas to watch the world and wildlife go by, and incredibly comfortable tents that feel more like hotel rooms.

The other is a brand new idea, a place called Singita Explore. This consists of a far more movable camp (though with a similar feel of extravagant luxury), and a number of possible locations across the Lamai reserve. It is booked for the exclusive use of one party so can be set up to best meet the interests of the visitors. 

Places to stay in Lamai

Mara River Tented Camp

Mara River Tented Camp is an incredibly luxurious place to stay, where you can watch as the migration crosses the river. Sitting on a bend of the river many animals cross close by.

Singita Explore

Singita Explore is a new form of place to stay. It is a movable campsite, that can be set up in a variety of different places across Lamai depending on the interests of the guests.

The Serengeti plays host to one of the most well known migrations on the planet, however there are many other wonderful things to see during the rest of the year.

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