The USA is a very large country with the 4th largest territorial area (including seas) and 3rd largest land mass (being only slightly smaller to the second largest). Ranging from some of the hottest places on the planet in death valley in California (56 degrees celcius) to one of the coldest recorded at -62 celcius in Prospect creek in central Alaska.

The USA Bison, thought to number around 30 million when Europeans arrived, conservation has started which has lead to a recovery to half a million – clearly a way to go

As a result of this, there is a wide range of native wildlife. There is a range of wildlife that has been lost, and many others heavily reduced, but it is still a country with an incredibly diverse natural heritage. Jaguars and Ocelots are heavily depleted, but are returning from Mexico where they have retained a healthy population – this is only just starting for the Jaguar, and it is questionable whether this will be allowed, and the Ocelot which still has populations in southern USA.

There are a wide range of places that are great to go for wildlife. We will work to link with operators around this country over time, but below the news section are links to our pages about those we identified within Canada. They will also be on the map above.

Future Destinations in USA awaiting Partners.

This site is here to help travel to wild places, Whether you work in hospitality around these destinations or others, guides or other hospitality such as restaurants we are eager to work with you. Help us make the natural world more accessible and something that pays those who live with those animals on their doorstep. This way, they get a reward for conserving wildlife, and you will get to see animals in their natural world.

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