Wild Jaguar in Mexico (Image: Pixabay)


Mexico is perhaps not the place that you would first think of when imagining a wild Jaguar.

It is true that the Jaguar lives at higher densities in the Amazon, but there are 4800 Jaguars in the main section of Mexico, along with 1800 in Yucatan Peninsula (this is shared between Mexico and Belize). The Lacandon Jungle is an area of rainforest which stretches into Mexico from Belize and Guatemala.

Mexico is a large country, at 2/3 the area of western Europe, yet with a population of just 127 million, there is much space for wildlife if its protection is prioritized.

One of the interesting things that has come out in recent years, is that virtually any habitat degradation or destruction causes carbon emissions. This means that even if governments around the world do not care about the natural world, there is a reason to protect them.

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