Trump administration has taped a long time climate change denier to run the noaa, believes climate change doesn’t threaten polar bears

The National oceanic and atmospheric administration is an important body whose job it is to produce the majority of the government’s climate change research. It is therefore highly concerning that they have recently chosen David Legates to run this organisation. He is a longtime climate change denier, indeed in 2007 was one of the authors of a paper that specifically questioned the previous findings about how climate change is destroying polar bear habitat.

I find it baffling as to how an entire paper can be written on this subject. Polar bears hunt out on the sea ice, climate change warms the sea and the air thereby reducing the amount of ice. This means fewer polar bears survive. So what is the study for? Of course climate change destroys polar bear habitat. A toddler would understand the logic that if polar bears live on ice and there is no more ice then there is likely to be no more polar bears.

This is possibly simply an effort to stop the NOAA from publishing research that doesn’t help trump’s position. Perhaps the only good news is that the election is so soon. If Americans look at all the things trump has done over the last 4 years, and what he has talked about doing in the next four, and they don’t like it, in two months they can vote him out. The new administration can then remove David Legate from his new position and put back in someone who actually believes in the mission of the organisation he heads

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