Camp Ndlovu

Camp Ndlovu

Camp Ndlovu lies within the Welgevonden Game Reserve, and sits alongside the Marakele National Park in South Africa.

These protected areas and some other reserves are collectively called the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve, which covers around 4,000 square km of bush.

Sitting just two and a half hours from Cape Town, this is a perfect place to drop into for a few days during a Cape holiday. One of the big advantages of going on safari here is that there is no Malaria, which is rare for a safari destination.

As a Big Five reserve you will have an action packed visit (cheetah are also present).

For those interested in birds there are also over 300 species that are present including blue cranes.

Camp Ndlovu is a luxurious way to do safari, and with only guests of one of the lodges allowed onto the reserve the number of cars is kept relatively low. With just five suites (one of which is suitable for families, though children under 12 by arrangement only) even when the lodge is full, it will not feel crowded.

With each suite being very generously sized and being air conditioned, they will be a welcome refuge from the heat of the bush. Each has its own plunge pool and outdoor shower and bath. They each have extra long king sized beds, and a sitting room with a fireplace. Also included is a minibar and a nespresso machine. There is also a sizeable deck around the plunge pool with comfortable pool loungers, allowing you to relax in comfort and watch the world pass by.

Despite the camps remoteness there is also WIFI within the camp. They also have extras such as bathrobes slippers and forgotten toiletries.

Each air-conditioned luxury unit suite comes complete with its own plunge pool, outdoor shower and outdoor bath, air-conditioning and fan, king size extra length bed, a lounge with fireplace, Nespresso coffee machine with complimentary coffee pods, a mini bar, outdoor shower and bath and  an extensive wooden deck with pool loungers and private dining areas. Extras include bathrobes, slippers and complimentary toiletries and Wifi.

This coupled with a history of wildlife never having been legally hunted here makes for far more relaxed animal encounters than you can experience elsewhere. Anti-poaching efforts continue behind the scenes to make sure that this remains the case as much as possible.

Apart from those animals listed so far the reserve hosts around 50 mammals in total. Night time safaries are usually the only way to see them and brown hyena, aardwolf, pangolin and aardvark are present to be looked for on night drives.

With a long history of human habitation within the area, there are also 2 san rock paintings within the reserve. There is a booking/questions form below the video, and below this is pricing information in south african Rand (at the time of writing £1 is about 20 rand


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Sanbona Nature reserve in the Swartberg mountains of the Western Cape, South Africa

Sanbona nature reserve
at the foot of the Drakensburg mountains in the heart of the little Karoo

Sanbona nature reserve protects 58,000 hectares (224 square miles) part of the Little Karoo (a 290 km strip that runs along the edge of the greater Karoo a semi dester region of south africa.

Over the length of the reserve there are 3 different ecosystem biomes, which allows a wide range of different species.

The reserves habitat was severely depleted meaning that much work has had to be done to bring it back to its former glory. This process is taking things slowly, and not simply reintroducing animals historical records list, given the changing climate. However many species are once again found in this region.

The reserve hosts the big 5 and cheetah are present as well. Currently wild dog are rare within the area, but have been seen. One species for which this reserve is a hot-spot is the riverine rabbit.

Elephants moving up a steep hill
Family of cheetahs out on the plains looking for opportunities

There are 4 places we can offer for you to stay in during your visit. Click on the images to find out about each one and to book

Sanbona Dwyka Tented Lodge
Sanbona Gondwana family Lodge​
Sanbona Tilney Manor
Saborna explore

Welgevonden Game Reserve

Welgevonden Game Reserve part of the Waterberg biosphere reserve

Welgevonden Game reserve is a 36,000 Hectares (139 square miles) private game reserve just 2.5 hours drive from Cape town.

The reserve forms around 5% of the Waterberg biosphere reserve, a biome of mountainous habitat and ecosystems. This whole area is not set aside for wildlife, with around 80,000 people living within its borders. Indeed heavy grazing by cattle had severrely damaged the whole area by the mid 1900. In recent years though they have set the majority of the land aside for ecotourism, and so the ecology of the area has been recovering.

Within Welgevonden game reserve there are approximately 50 mammal species, including the big 5. There is also a healthy population of Cheetah, as well as wild dogs on occasion. Given the size of the reserve this is an impressive feeat. Due to its proximity to cape town it is a popular destination for shorter safaris. Being malaria free, it is also simpler place to visit. If you wish to stay close to cape town or only have a few days spare to go on safari, this destination is a fantastic pick.

There are a few lodges within the reserve, below are links to two of them. Numbers of guests on the reserve are strictly controlled, so it wont feel crowded.

The area had been horrifically degraded, but a great deal of work has been done over the last few decades, and increasingly this area is becoming a fantastic conservation. Certainly Welgevonden is a brilliant example of how quickly and degraded area can be returned to its former glory.

One of the biggest advantages of smaller reserves like this, is that the animals are tracked quite closely, so the guides are likely to know roughly where the big animals are. 

If you wish to stay close to cape town for your safari are are likely to have a fantastic safari here. One of the big bonuses, is that this is a malaria free area.

Camp Ndlovu
Mhondora Safari Lodge and villa

Madikwe Game Reserve

Madikwe Game Reserve

Madikwe game reserve is the 5th largest reserve (it covers 68000 hectares) in South Africa, but far less known than most other national parks.

Containing the big 5, as well as cheetah and wild dog there is plenty of wildlife to be seen. With a variety of biomes, including grassland, forest and the rocky Tshwene hills, the reserve plays home to a variety of wild animals. These include the big 5. The reserve also has a population of  wild dog and cheetah, animals often not seen in smaller reserves such as this.

The reserve’s grassland, forest and rocky Tshwene Tshwene hills are home to a variety of wildlife and you can spend hours watching the local wildlife. Hundreds of bird species include ostrich, vultures and the large kori bustard. Animals often gather at the Madikwe Dam to drink at sunset.

It sits just 40km from the Botswana border.

Jamala Madikwe Royal Safari Lodge

Jamala Madikwe Royal Safari Lodge Is set  in the Madikwe Game Reserve, a reserve covering 290 square miles. This malaria free reserve contains the big 5, as well as a range of other interesting animals waiting to encounter you each time you venture out of the lodge. It was used as a cattle ranch until 1991 before being transformed into the wonderful reserves that is there now. The big 5 are present, as well as some wild dog if you are lucky.

The lodge is well known for its fantastic food, it also has a wonderful location, right beside a watering hole. This means that even when not on a safari drive, there is a constant flow of animals nearby, so it is possible to sit in a chair and watch the as the animals come to you. As this is a private reserve, you can be sure that there will be few few other guests and that you will therefore experience the wilderness away from the crowds.

In terms of the lodge itself, it only has 5 villas each for two people. If you are travelling as a group the lodge can be booked for private use, but this is not necessary to have a fantastic time. The lodge is big enough for groups to spread out and have their own space if they wish.

If you don.t feel like leaving the lodge, you can sit in the shade, in the heat of the day as you watch the animals coming for a drink. Indeed some have said it is among the best “sofa safari ” destination there is.

With fantastic chefs, the food and drink you will eat will be impressive and will make you forget how wild a place you are in.

To see ask a question, there is a form below the video. Below the form is pricing information. Please note that while all efforts will be made to keep these up to date, pricing should be checked on booking. Pricing is in rand, which is currently valued at roughly 20 to a pound (14 to a USA dollar) though this will get out of date quickly.

Pashumana lodge

Pamushana Lodge

Pamushana Lodge is set within the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve, a 502 square km wilderness refuge. The refuge borders the Gonarezhou National park of Zimbabwe, and forms a part of the Limpopo transfrontier park.

As such it is part of the same wilderness area of Kruger and the Sabi Sands.

Known for its sandstone outcrops, Mopane forests and Boabab trees it is an area of lots of character.

With high concentration of game including regular sightings of both black and white rhino, and with wild dog a common sighting in the area, you can expect some exciting encounters.

Below is a video diary of some visitors which were seen on a previous trip, and gives you an idea of some of the work that your visit would support.

While you may be staying a long way from other people do not expect to be roughing it.

You can expect fantastic food and drink, with locally sourced produce. The wonderful guides, who will take you out and have encounters with the local wildlife are also well respected.

For further information, and enquiries as to availability please fill in the form below.

Malilangwe House

Malilangwe House

Malilangwe House is set within the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve, a 502 square km wilderness refuge. Lying close to the Pamashuna lodge, it gives a similar experience, but for the exclusive use of one group.

With its own staff to take care of your every need, including chefs and wildlife guides, your time visiting can be based around your interests.

The refuge borders the Gonarezhou National park of Zimbabwe, and forms a part of the Limpopo transfrontier park. As such it is part of the same wilderness area of Kruger and the Sabi Sands.

Known for its sandstone outcrops, Mopane forests and Boabab trees, it is an area of lots of character.

With high concentration of game including regular sightings of both black and white rhino, and with wild dog seen regularly in the area, you can expect some exciting encounters.

Malilangwe House is a luxurious place to stay. With a 25m private pool pool gym and all the other amenities you could imagine. Each group has the place exclusively. 

Malilangwe has five luxurious double bedroom suites each with its own private decking outside. Perfect for groups of friends to use it, giving space for time together and time alone.

With all food included and wine provided at each meal and with all your wildlife drives included in the price, this an incredible home from home for the duration of your stay.

If you have any questions or in interest in visiting and would like to check availability and ask any questions. Pricing is below.

Boulders Lodge

Boulders lodge

Boulders Lodge has one of the best locations possible for watching the wildlife from the lodge, as it overlooks the river so wildlife regularly walks past.

The lodge takes its name from the boulders that litter the river that passes by.

Boulders Lodge is a very comfortable lodge; all the rooms are unique with fantastic views of the wilderness surrounding it. 12 suites are found along the  side of the lodge overlooking the river – giving you fantastic views of the elephants and other animals as they come to drink. All of these suites have glass walls so your view of the wilderness is never impeded. They also have their own veranda with a stone fireplace. As if this is not enough, there is also a heated plunge pool on each of these verandas.

Of the 12 suites, there are two bush suites that overlook  a watering hole and the surrounding wilds. There are also two suites specifically designed for families. These include an en-suite master bedroom and a second en-suite twin room. These also come with their own sitting area and dining space.

With pleasant wooden walkways connecting everything, the whole property gives fantastic access to see what is passing by.

Sitting in an incredibly game rich part of the park the private Sabi Sands reserve – known particularly for its density of lions), there is much to be seen, whether this is from the lodge or on game drives. Because the reserve is private you can be sure of meeting far fewer other cars on game drives.

This is an incredibly luxurious way to do your Serengeti safari. Your stay also includes all food and wine at meals (specialist liquors and champagne is extra).

If you are interested in visiting and would like to know rates or have another question to ask before booking fill in the form below. Pricing is below in South African Rand = roughly 20 to a pound

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Singita Sabi Sands – South Africa

Visit Sabi Sands, the world famous private reserve on the edge of the world famous Kruger National Park

Singita run 3 lodges on the Sabi Sands, a private nature reserve on the edge of the Kruger National Park. Sabi Sands covers 650 square km (about 250 square miles) of pristine land sharing an unfenced border with the Kruger. This means that you have the privacy and reduced numbers of not being within the national park, but as it is part of the same ecosystem it is a ecotourism big 7 reserve (lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dog, elephant, rhino and buffalo).

Which ever lodge you choose, you will find a luxurious experience awaits you. Each one has a different feel, but all will give you a wonderful base for exploration of the reserve with experienced nature guides to show you around.

Left: Boulders Lodge, Right: Ebony Lodge

While the luxurious lodge is fantastic it is not why you will travel half way around the world, though most days you could sit in your lodge looking out and constantly have something interesting to look at.

Left: Ebony Lodge, Right: Castleton Lodge

All lodges will have superbly knowledgeable game drivers who will take you into the bush every day, and will be able to give you much information on what ever you encounter. Sabi Sands is about 280 square miles, which does not sound like much, however as it borders the Kruger without a fence between, there is a significant population of all the animals that are safari favourites.  Furthermore the Sabi Sands is in the South of the Kruger which is where there are the highest densities of lions and leopards and cheetahs, as well as regular sightings of the rhino elephants buffalo and wild dogs. 

Although you will be out in the wilderness, even here you can expect lots of luxury.

Below is a form that allows you to book your amazing trip. If you are merely wanting to ask a question, you only need fill in your email address and put your question in the message box.

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All images courtesy of Singita.



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