Singita Sabi Sands – South Africa

Visit Sabi Sands, the world famous private reserve on the edge of the world famous Kruger National Park

Singita run 3 lodges on the Sabi Sands, a private nature reserve on the edge of the Kruger National Park. Sabi Sands covers 650 square km (about 250 square miles) of pristine land sharing an unfenced border with the Kruger. This means that you have the privacy and reduced numbers of not being within the national park, but as it is part of the same ecosystem it is a ecotourism big 7 reserve (lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dog, elephant, rhino and buffalo).

Which ever lodge you choose, you will find a luxurious experience awaits you. Each one has a different feel, but all will give you a wonderful base for exploration of the reserve with experienced nature guides to show you around.

Left: Boulders Lodge, Right: Ebony Lodge

While the luxurious lodge is fantastic it is not why you will travel half way around the world, though most days you could sit in your lodge looking out and constantly have something interesting to look at.

Left: Ebony Lodge, Right: Castleton Lodge

All lodges will have superbly knowledgeable game drivers who will take you into the bush every day, and will be able to give you much information on what ever you encounter. Sabi Sands is about 280 square miles, which does not sound like much, however as it borders the Kruger without a fence between, there is a significant population of all the animals that are safari favourites.  Furthermore the Sabi Sands is in the South of the Kruger which is where there are the highest densities of lions and leopards and cheetahs, as well as regular sightings of the rhino elephants buffalo and wild dogs. 

Although you will be out in the wilderness, even here you can expect lots of luxury.

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