Sanbona Explorer camp

This tented camp lies at the foot of the Drakensburg mountains at the heart of the South africas little Karo.

With only 3 rooms it will never feel full. While it usually stays in the same place, this camp is just that: a camp. It would in theory be possible to move it with a few hours work. This means that while you will not be missing out of the creature comforts, there is very little between you and the wilderness.

Generally expeditions from this base, are made on foot. Walking safaris are very exciting, with the constant knowledge that there is not the perceived safety of the car. In actual fact almost all wild animals have a natural fear of humans, and they are not to know that you mean them no harm. Lead by an experienced wildlife guide, you will start to learn about tracking and the whole environment around you. When on foot, even an encounter with a giraffe can be an experience that gets your heart racing.

However in a camp like this, you feel one with nature. Even when inside, you are only under a layer of canvas, and with only a handful of tents, animals could be all around. Sitting around the fire in the evenings, listening to the calls of the wild, is quite an experience. Whether you are listening to the roar of lions, or the strange rasping noise of a leopard or the bark of a jackel, it is an experience that will remain with you long after you return from your trip

Despite being in an incredibly remote location, food and drink will be more like eating in an expensive restaurant. As you can see, the walls of the dining tent can be lifted, so you can watch the animals go by while you eat and drink. Apart from fantastic food, prepared for you, there will also be delicious wines to enjoy.

Although the suites are tents, this is glamping at its extreme. Well furnished, in many ways the tents feel more like hotel rooms. The advantage is that you can hear the animals around the camp.

Safari is a chance to escape modern life and enjoy the natural world and this camp allows you to do that. 

Feel at home in the wilderness and enjoy your stay

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