Website teething problems still ongoing. Coming soon, more wild destinations that do not require flying

Hello all!

For the last few days, we have been locked out. A plugin (or several) has been devouring the resources of the site, and causing it to crash. We’re hoping that one of a large number we have deactivated was the problem but we will not know for sure, until its been running for a few days.

There have also been some nasty people trying to hack the website – if you are reading this post, all login names and passwords have been changed since you deleted the website, stop trying.

We have beefed up our security, and as well as greatly increasing the speed that the website loads. Time will tell if this is a permanent fix.

Back to work…

I am well aware that for many people, air travel is a terrifying experience at the moment, and that therefore, the idea of flying away on holiday is out of the question. I can understand this: me and my family will be traveling to South Africa in less than a month, but that is us. We intend to add a number of pages for the islands around the coast of Scotland over the next few days and weeks.

This is because even if air travel is terrifying, there is a large number of destinations within 10-15 hours drive of Calais. However, if you feel that leaving the UK is not for you at the moment, there are still a large number of destinations that can be explored. These can all be found on the “in the shadow of mankind” UK page.

Over the last two years, just in the UK, my family have seen wild beavers, boar, dolphins, seals and otters, not to mention an interesting array of birds. I have also driven into Spain and seen bears as well as chamois and a mix of other species.

In the next week, we will add to the links available, watch this space. If you read this site regularly, do consider becoming a supporter member, to help us meet our aims.

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