What to do for a holiday, when you are concerned about planes in the time of COVID

Whether, you are short of money, fearful of air travel in the time of COVID or too concerned about your carbon footprint to take this method, there are still a substantial number of destinations within a long drive of the UK, where you can see wildlife.

Cantabrian bears are watched from quite a distance,

If you live in Europe instead, you can find that you are far close, if you are not lucky enough to have wildlife living on your doorstep.

We have been building many destinations across the wilder parts of Europe, from the mountainous regions of Spain and France – the Cantabrian mountains and the Pyrenees, to the Apennine mountains of central Italy, the Alps and the Carpathians, to the wild forests of Estonia and the vast wilderness of Northern Scandinavia.

While many of these destinations can be 10 hours or more from the UK and other parts of Europe, and with the high price of fuel, these trips are not cheap, yet, compared to flying somewhere it can be very price competitive.

If you are already on holiday in much of France you could find that you are just a couple of hours drive from one of these incredible wildernesses, and it is a good use of your time. From the Pyrenees of France to the foothills of the alps, to the Cantabrian mountains of Northern Spain, to many other mountain ranges across Europe.

My feelings are, that every child that grows up in Europe, should see wild animals on our continent some time in their lives. These animals are all migrating back into places where they were pushed to local extinction, so many millions of people will have to learn to live alongside them once again. One of the advantage of trips like this, is that they can be undertaken with very little planning – choose a route, pack your car and off you go.

As such, if you are holding off booking waiting to see what happens, these trips will remain open. Do look at our list of mountain ranges, for places to head and where to stay when you get there.

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