Deepest apologies for quiet from me: website attacks and Covid combined


How wonderful to be able to write to you once again.

There have been a few things that have got in the way of writing over the last few weeks.

Firstly, the website has been attacked! As regular readers would be aware, this is not the first time. Indeed, these previous attacks have meant that the website was never penetrated.

There is a flaw in the WordPress software, which means that as standard you username is visible for those who know where to look. This means that for those who are looking to break in, they only have to try to guess the password. The website was timing out, but unfortunately due to the demands that these hacks were putting on the website, there were little resources left over for legitimate activities. Thankfully, we have found a way around this foolish public name which means that attacks are no longer any risk at all, as they are missing everything required.

Second, Over the course of a couple of weeks all members of my family contracted Covid. My son picked it up in school, and while we are unaware where we contracted it, we all got it over the next few weeks. Being triple vaccinated, while I did not feel good it was by no means a serious danger at any point.

There is much new coming for the website in the next few months.

We have built 2 members areas. The first is for readers and those supportive of the work of this site (firstly as a blog, but then creating a place to list wilderness opportunities – hopefully simplifying peoples attempt to share their wilderness, and peoples attempts to find them – and to make it easier for wilderness to support those who live in or near it), this will cost a little to be a member of but I hope that as many of you as possible will join me there. The second is for those who live in wild places, to support them and allow them to make extra money from the wildlife that they share space with.

These we hope to bring live in the next few days.

What is coming over the next few months? In the next few weeks or so, I hope to go back to the forest of dean to get some better footage of the boar in the wilds of the UK. In perhaps a month I hope to travel to northern Spain to see the bears and wolves that live there. Finally, in August my family are making a long overdue trip back to the Kruger national park in South Africa. Apart from visiting all the rest camps of the park so we can add them to the website we intend to have a fantastic holiday. I hope for there to be hundreds more videos to add to the seeanimalswild youtube channel after that trip. I am also going on one of the wilderness trails for a few days in the middle so I hope to have many stories to tell.

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