At the moment the world’s current maximum temperature rise would make life impossible for 1 billion people on the planet

At 35 degrees Celsius the human body can no longer regulated temperature effectively. Indeed even healthy people sitting in the shade at this temperature turn to last not much more than 6 hours.

If we have 4 degrees of global warming, half of the population on earth will fall into the dangerous category of extreme heat.

Currently, Brazil India and Ethiopia are the hardest hit by extreme heat, but at 4 degrees Celsius, this will increase dramatically impact in large parts of Europe as well as lots of other parts of the developed world.

The scary statistic is that even if we hit 2 degrees of warming, this will still put more than 1 billion under this horrific heat condition.

We must change our behaviour and incredibly fast if we are to avoid this horrific future. On current promises of cuts, we will suffer average temperature rises of 1.8 degrees. If 1 billion people have to relocate, where will they go? and how will we feed the world, as this is also likely to mean that significant areas of the planet can no longer grow food. There has been much fuss made of immigration to the UK (Farage anyone?). What do you think the reaction of parties like UKIP would be to the UK population having to increase to 75-80 million in the space of just a couple of decades – and no it is not acceptable to suggest that there is no room left in the UK, we will have been a significant part of the reason that their own home is no longer sustainable.

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