India is a huge country. I myself grew up, hearing stories of the country from my great grandmother who lived there for quite a time. Stories of her elephant, and encounters with tigers fuelled my young imagination. There are a wide range of destinations and wildlife to see within this country. It is fascinating how much wildlife is left, as the country now has the biggest human population on the globe. There is a great deal of fear that over the next 50 years, all of the current wildlife habitat will be lost – this is not unreasonable, as while tiger populations have grown overall, there have been reserves listed as holding tigers, which have been found to have been poached out. Never-the-less, an Indian wildlife trip is a must for wildlife lovers, at some point in their lives.

Wildlife found within the country includes lions (the last Asiatic lions – outside Africa), Tigers (a growing population), Leopards, Snow leopards (a large part of the Himalayas lie within India) elephants, rhino, Sloth bears and wolves.

The country of the Jungle book, it is well worth a visit. If you work in ecotourism within this huge country, do get in touch, we would love to list your destination and help people find you! 

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