Government in USA killed a pack of wolves despite it having been adopted by a school

The US department of Agriculture wildlife service branch has killed 8 pops from a wolf pack in Idaho, this despite the pack having been tracked by a school for 18 years.

Wolves are an essential part of Idaho’s ecosystem, yet they are being removed anyway after they have returned

Furthermore, there was no warning and the school only found out when they obtained a mortality list from the states department of fish and game.

This incident came just a month after the Idaho’s state governor signed a law that allowed private contractors to kill 90% of the states wolf population. Republican supporters of the bill argued that it was necessary to reduce livestock losses and boost wild deer and elk herds. The bill also allows almost any for of killing (hunting, trapping, snaring, chasing on snowmobiles and shooting from helicopters. It also allows new-born pups to be killed on private land.

This all started with Trump removing the protections on wild Wolves in the USA. The move was argued against vigorously, but then when did any move by Donald Trump follow reason.

Killing 90% of a wild population, is not a management tool, that is virtually systematic extermination. It should also be noted, that researchers have already noted a reduction of 1/3 in the wolf population in just a few months after protections ended.

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