CO2 has only been pushed 400 parts per million by humnas, so why should we care

Climate denialists (which is a more accurate word than climate skeptics) would continue to claim well there’s only 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide, that can’t be caused for the global warming. However looking at historical data, in 1750 around the time that the industrial revolution in the UK got going and we started burning significant amounts of coal, the carbon dioxide concentrations at that points were around about 280.

In other words carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere and now roughly 50% higher than they work historically.

Now for anyone who has a background in science, and many who don’t; the idea of having a balance scales or having a a cooking recipe that you have the right quantities of ingredients in – what happens when you increase one of the main ingredients by 50%?The expectation that in some way it would stay the same is utterly absurd.

When you look at it this way, we appear frankly to have got off very lightly- we need only look at a planet like Venus to see what runaway greenhouse heating can do. There will of course be people who continue to deny that we have any effect on the environment: this despite all evidence to the contrary. 

Of course there are also tens of thousands of people worldwide who have come to believe that the earth is flat. The fact that these people are willing to ignore all scientific evidence to the contrary, and then somehow tried to come up with mathematical models that will hit their predefined idea of how the world should work, make it clear ear that humans are capable of a standard levels of the denialism. We are never going to get buy-in from the whole human race, nor should we need it. 

Now that a a serious person has entered the White House; someone capable of looking at the evidence, analysing it sensibly and coming to the obvious conclusion, the the major countries of the world can once again move in a sustainable direction as one. This needn’t hit individual countries economy: the whole idea of the free market system, is that it reacts to what is going on in the world. In this instance the governments of the world must decide what the rules are and must then make sure that they are enforced. 

Finally we must be in a position where people triumphing in fighting carbon emissions, are not severely damaged by why a short-sighted leader coming to power in one country. Tesla has grown dramatically during the Trump administration. Indeed trump and members of his cabinet regularly pointed to it as a success story. If Tesla can grow so much under a bad administration, imagine what it can do with the full support of a government like to USA.

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