Impact of corona-virus-over fishing in the Philippines

There have been many catalogues issues with what has happened during the current virus Outbreak. Some of these have fascinated people, the the sudden re-emergence of wildlife back into spaces that humans have left. This ranges from deer seen in public to monkeys in Indian cities and animals such as leopards and tigers leaving the reserves that they are normally remain within.

The problem has occurred in many areas though where the people who wish to behave poorly no longer have any legal restrictions.

The Philippines restrict commercial fishing, banning it within 9 miles of the coast. This allows small-scale fishermen to be able to catch something and give space for the wildlife to thrive. More importantly though this also protect the coral reefs that surround the Philippines from damage. Commercial nets often drag along the bottom of the sea and destroy the reefs that exist. Indeed in recent years the cold water reefs off the coast of the UK have been destroyed in this way.

The tourism money that is bought in from people visiting these reefs support large numbers of Communities around the Philippines. They also protect the Philippines Coast from storm damage as this is reduced by the presence of corals.

It is a hard problem for the Philippines to get a handle on butt but it could be that by the time I’m the corona-virus lock-down is lifted fully there is little of this extraordinary ecosystem still standing for tourists to see in the waters around the Philippines.

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