Sanbona Dwyka Tented Lodge

Sanbona Dwyka Tented Lodge

This lodge lies at the foot of the Drakensburg mountains at the heart of the South africas little Karoo.

An area inhabited by Sans people, the lodge sits in the middle of the plains.

With 9 luxurious tents, each with its own deck and Jacuzzi, the tents are arranged in a horseshoe  along the Karoo ravine.

Game drives occur at the beginning and end of the day, at the times when the animals are at their most lively. They go on for around 3 hours and include a stop for tea/coffee in the morning, and a sundowner drink in the evening.

Apart from the game drives, there isalso the ability to go out on a boat to watch the wildlife in a different way. Something that is not possible in many wildernesses, here they have a light weight boat, which allows up to 12 people to view wildlife in and around the resivour quietly without disturbing the animals. If particular interest is the ability to get up close with the hippos in their native habitat. Fascinating animals but dangerous if approached incorrectly, this is an experience that is not available in many reserves.

You can also go out on guided walks, which both gives you a change of perspective and allows you to look at some of the smaller things that you might not see from the vehicle.  This can be a thrilling excursion as you never know what you might encounter- though with an experienced armed guide you will be safe.

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Hwange Bush camp

Hwange Bush Camp

Hwange bush camp is in an incredibly remote part of the Hwange national park in Zimbabwe. Hwange National park is the largest reserve in Zimbabwe, and is likely to form part of the Kalahari Zambezi (KAZA) transfrontier park.

This is camping, but with luxury you would associate with camping. One of the real excitements in the bush is falling asleep to the sounds of the wilderness and under canvas you don’t miss anything.

You can expect delicious food and drink, guides that are both knowledgeable and interested and a comfortable place to stay more akin to a hotel than a tent.

This camp gives you a comfortable place to rest between your excursions into the wilderness, whether you travel on foot or in the comfortable safari vehicle.

For those looking for something more adventurous there is a mobile camp. This is more basic still, but can be set up to suit interests of visitors. As you can see from the pictures below you are by no means slumming it, but as everything must be possible to put up and take down quickly. However this allows you to have the tent in a wilder place, and because of its small size the animals are likely to come far closer (though you will still be kept safe by your guides whose first priority is your safety).

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Camp Hwange

Camp Hwange

Camp Hwange lies in a concession within Hwange national park. This gives you the flexibility and more relaxed feel of a private reserve, but because it is within the national park the animals are truly wild and don’t see humans every day, furthermore the ecosystem that they live within is large enough to support a healthy population-  Hwange national park actually lies within the largest conservation project ever undertaken, the Kalahari-Zambezi transfrontier park, an area of around 250,000 square km of wilderness, stretching across 5 countries.

With the ability to do both walking safari, and go out in the car there is incredible flexibility. Also expect to go on night drives, giving you the chance to see nocturnal animals rarely sighted.

With the camp only consisting of 8 Chalets, even when full it will not feel crowded. The camp is set around a watering hole, so you will not only see wildlife during your trips, but can watch wildlife when ever it comes to visit. You can also expect fantastic food and other creature comforts during your stay.

With knowledgeable and interested guides, you will be fascinated by what you see, and it will all be explained by your guide, while they also keep you safe.

At camp Hwange, you can expect to be spoilt rotten both with fantastic creature comforts but also incredible wild encounters both when you leave the camp to explore, but also from your home base.

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Singita Explore

Singita Explore

Where would you like to go? What interests you the most?

If, like me, your answer to these questions might make other people look confused (be it see wild aardvark or close wild encounters or no-one else for miles around) this is the destination for you.

With the freedom of the Lamai triangle, a 400 square km, at your disposal and a multitude of potential places to set up camp, this will be a safari like few others.

The Lamai is an integral part of the Serengeti ecosystem with the migration passing through at times of the year, as well as many predators. With few visitors compared to the Serengeti national park, and with fantastic relationships with the local human population rhino are seen here as well as all the predators, including in recent times wild dog (a species that was wiped out in the Serengeti more than two decades ago).

As with any other Singita lodge, you will live in extreme comfort. It is camping but more than almost anywhere else.  

Taking its design from old landrovers and other items from the safaris of old, you can expect all the luxury of a fancy lodge, but staying somewhere few other people have been, and with no one else staying within miles of you.


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Mara river tented camp

Mara River Tented Camp

The Mara River Tented Camp is totally off-grid, situated on a bend of the Mara river, overlooking one of the places that the migration crosses.

With only one other lodge on this side of the river, and at a distance, you can feel totally at one with the wilderness.

While the wildebeest are only there in high numbers during the migration, there are many resident animals. This includes a healthy population of predators and a number of famous big tusker elephants.

In particular this is where the big cats rule. As with Big Cat Diary, a BBC wildlife show that ran for several years and was very popular (filmed the other side of the river), there are significant numbers of lions leopards and cheetahs who live in the area worldwide.

Enjoy astounding wildlife, luxurious living and incredible tranquillity for your stay. Fall asleep to the sounds of the bush and the Mara river flowing past.

Singita Mara river tented camp is incredible luxury in the wilderness.

There is nothing separating the wild plains from the camp allowing you to feel completely immersed, with a team of people to look after your safety and offer all the creature comforts you could possibly want.

Furthermore, the wildlife guides are exceptionally knowledgeable and will be able to take you to see fascinating things on your game drives.

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Sabora Tented Camp

Sabora Tented camp

Sitting out deep in the centre of the Serengeti (the word Serengeti means endless plains), Sabora is a small place to stay with little footprint, and the animals wander freely through.

Sabora tented camp is camping but in a way you are unlikely to have experienced before.

Glamping (glamorous camping) is perhaps the closest you come in the UK, but this is on a different scale. Huge tents with beds and antique furniture that would not be out of place in a fancy hotel.

On safari, one of the exciting experiences is living in the bush, and under canvas. A big part of this is hearing the neighbours, whether they happen to be hippos grunting, lions roaring or a hyena contact call or even at night the song of the cicadas from all around.

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