Sanbona Dwyka Tented Lodge

This lodge lies at the foot of the Drakensburg mountains at the heart of the South africas little Karoo.

An area inhabited by Sans people, the lodge sits in the middle of the plains.

With 9 luxurious tents, each with its own deck and Jacuzzi, the tents are arranged in a horseshoe  along the Karoo ravine.

Game drives occur at the beginning and end of the day, at the times when the animals are at their most lively. They go on for around 3 hours and include a stop for tea/coffee in the morning, and a sundowner drink in the evening.

Apart from the game drives, there isalso the ability to go out on a boat to watch the wildlife in a different way. Something that is not possible in many wildernesses, here they have a light weight boat, which allows up to 12 people to view wildlife in and around the resivour quietly without disturbing the animals. If particular interest is the ability to get up close with the hippos in their native habitat. Fascinating animals but dangerous if approached incorrectly, this is an experience that is not available in many reserves.

You can also go out on guided walks, which both gives you a change of perspective and allows you to look at some of the smaller things that you might not see from the vehicle.  This can be a thrilling excursion as you never know what you might encounter- though with an experienced armed guide you will be safe.

This fantastic place to visit is available to book. There is a form below that you can fill out to ask questions and inquire about availability

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