Rare good news from USA. Manchin tried to attach energy bill to appropriations legislation: failed

In the USA, much to the frustration of many politicians, it is possible to attach legislation to another bill, even when there is nothing that links the two. In this case Jo Minchin’s legislation would have deregulated and changed permitting reforms for fossil fuel projects, and were supposed to be attached to a must pass defence bill. This ability to attach irrelevant legislation must be ended.

In other words, had he been allowed to do it, the bill would have had to be passed, as the defence part was required.

Thankfully, people were watching. Progressive lawmakers and hundreds of climate, health and youth groups opposed the consequential reforms without looking at it properly. Attaching bills in this way, should be banned. Had it passed, it would have weakened environmental safeguard, expedite permits to construct pipelines and other fossil fuel infrastructure while restricting public input and legal challenges. This sort of behaviour is disgusting, indeed it is antithetical to democracy.

In many ways Jo Manchin is only a democrat in name. Unfortunately, fossil fuel companies will not give up. Quite understandably, as this is potentially necessary for their survival. What is essential, is that the worlds power plants, transport and heating are electrified, removing fossil fuels from these areas. This would likely rapidly kill the fossil fuel industry, as the demand would be so much lower.

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