EU blocks uplifting the Hippopotamus to an Appendix 1 endangered animal from an Appendix 2

Hippopotamus populations have declined by 30-50% over the last decade. This is an animal which is moving fast in the direction of extinction, yet despite a plea from 10 african countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Gabon, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Togo) to move them to appendix 1 has been blocked.

Hippopotamus are often easy to find on Safari, as they are usually found in the few deep pools and rivers that exist. They can be very dangerous if you are between them and the water, and roam widely in and out of protected reserves. This is the most common view for people who visit a national park

Crocodiles are listed as appendix 1 across much of Africa, despite laying about 60 eggs each year. Female hippopotamus only have 1 young every other year, which means that each female hippo can have at most about 10 calves across their lifetime, so this does not make any sense.

Why is the EU blocking this change? That is a good question, not least because it has various aims including reducing Biodiversity loss, which are harmed by this move. Another value is the “precautionary principle” which requires that the EU takes moves in case, not after a species is pushed close to extinction.

I personally am disgusted, and I hope that we as a continent do not stand in the way of this important change for long.

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