The changing fortunes of Cheetah and wild dog

When we trained in the Kruger, there were about 70 cheetah and about 350 wild dog. 15 years later there were over 400 cheetah, and nearer 500 wild dog.

Cheetah are an exciting thing to see

What happened?

Well wild dog and cheetah are the most successful hunters, but they are also smaller than lion leopard or hyena.

Another change is far more hyena with a Kruger population of about 5000 up from around 2500 when we were here last time. There seems to be a similar number of Lion.

It would be a fascinating problem to try to create a computer model for a savannah population, while including Cheetah and Wild dog.

We are hoping to put some videos together over the next few weeks. Do like and subscribe to our youtube channel as well (seeanimalswild) though any new videos are likely to be copied here.

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