Poachers killed 24 rhinos in the last two weeks of 2021, that is the equivalent of 1000 a year

Rhino poaching is devastating rhino populations across Africa and Asia. Many species such as the Indonesian species are already lost or on the brink. African species are not far behind.

If you have a strong constitution, do look up images. They are not nice particularly if you have seen this animal alive, as such I have not included a picture.

Currently there are about 16,000 wild rhinos in South Africa, out of a worldwide population that might not number more than 30,000.

9 people have been arrested for this poaching. Now it is clear that the rhino poaching is down from its peak, never-the-less what is necessary is to kill the demand for rhino horn. Currently, an Asian rhino horn can be worth $400,000 with an African rhino horn being worth $20,000. Given that the average annual salary in South Africa is $2000, even $20,000 can be a life changing amount.

It is highly likely that the end of ecotourism during the epidemic is responsible for the uptick in rhino poaching, as people become desperate with their income having vanished.

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