Two baby rhino born in Java in the species last remaining habitat

There are only around 60 rhino left in the wild. They live in  Ujung Kulon National Park. To put that in perspective, that is an increase of 3.3%.

When there is only 60 individuals left in a population, every baby is precious

When the population is this small every animal is incredibly precious. As recently as 2010 there were about 10 Javan rhino in Cat Tien National park of Vietnam, before they were all lost.

The population of Rhino was 40-60 in 1980, so while this population has not reduced over the last 40 years, it also has not got better – hopefully this is a change in its situation.

Other animals protected in the area include the Javan Leopard, Banteng, Silvery gibbon and Sumatran Dhole.

This area was also the last refuge of the Javan tiger. While it was declared extinct decades ago, rumours and distant photos from rangers continue to pop up from time to time.

All this is to say that the reserve is in a good state, and provided poaching is halted the Javan Rhino should be able to recover

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