Antarctic penguin washes up in New Zealand

There are species of penguin found in New Zealand. However Adelie penguins are not, they live in Antarctic waters. As such there is some confusion as to how one ended up there.

Only the third Adeilie penguin to come ashore in New Zealand. new trend? or sign of problems

It is only the third recorded occasion for an Adeilie penguin ending up in New Zealand. After it was observed not getting back in the ocean locals called a local penguin rehabilitation centre, as it could have been at risk from dogs.

Apart from being dehydrated and very very hungry, the penguin was in good health.

Experts suggest that there is no need to worry at the moment, though if Adalie penguins start arriving every year, then it is something that might take more thought and concern. Penguins are often the species that gives the quickest warning about an ocean in trouble so we should be watching closely.

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