Academics fear that if Bolsonaro is re-elected in October, the Amazon rainforest will collapse during his second term

The signs of collapse are getting more and more clear. Fires droughts and land clearances are all pushing the Amazon towards collapse. Yet Jair Bolsonaro is not interested having put his head in the sand. Instead he is busy placating powerful agribusiness lobby and trying to get the global economy to reward his bad behaviour.

Could this become increasingly what Brazil looks like? If it does, how will it feed its growing population?

The blows to forest protection have come fast in the last year. It is unclear how much of the Brazilian population understands how big the threat is that Bolsonaro is ignoring.

News groups in the west did not give his initial campaign the attention that it deserves. If the Brazilian rainforest collapses it could have global impacts on weather patterns permanently.

Perhaps the only positive thing that Bolsonaro has done is bring the fight for the Amazon rainforest to the fore of peoples conscience. Maybe through his bluster and lies, Brazils people will wake up, and the next administration can reverse this change and save much of the country from desertification.

We need people to be following this, and for the worlds eyes to be watching. The election is at the beginning of October, now is the time to be reaching out.

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