Looking at countries which are learning to live with the wolf after a century if its absence

Wolves returned to the Czech republic after a centuries absence in 2014. Why is this of interest? Well, there are areas across the USA which have been missing the wolf for one hundred years, so it is worth watching to see how they adjust. The Czech republic does still have forest cover of around 34% meaning that there is plenty of territory.

First camera trap photo of a wolf returning to czech republic back in 2014

In the 7 years since, wolves have done well with the population currently estimated at 50-80.

They are currently generally accepted back, as they bring in significant money from tourism.

Now the Czech republic is not a small country, but wolves were pushed to extinction and this despite large areas of forest.

In a similar way, bears were wiped out. Sightings have become more common, and if hunting pressure is reduced they are likely to recolonize. There is a stable population of 600-800 in Slovakia.

I hope to add places to stay, as tourism with greatly help in encouraging this country that it is financially worth it, to have these animals close by.

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