Poacher suspected of killing 70 Bengal tigers finally caught

Tigers are still found in small populations across large parts of Asia, and as such, many millions of people live in relatively close areas to places that protect the wild tiger. A poacher in Bangladesh has finally been caught, it is estimated that he is responsible for the deaths of 70 tigers. Given the current population is thought to be between 300 and 500 in the whole of Bangladesh, this poacher alone could greatly increase the risk of local extinction in the near term.

A Sandarbans tiger

This man has been wanted by the police for 20 years. He lived next to the forest, and would flee into it, any time the police appeared. Indeed, he was only captured this time due to a tip-off.

The Sundarbans are a vast mangrove forest area, lying along the border between India and Bangladesh, and hosts one of the largest surviving populations of tigers.

Tigers in the Sundarbans have not done well. In 2004 there was an estimated 440 tigers, however in 2015 the population hit 106 in 2015. As of 2019 the population was 114, suggesting a reduction in poaching losses though definitely not an eradication.

Perhaps now Habib Talukder has been arrested, we can see the tiger population soar once again. Of course, like mangroves around the world, the Sundarbans are threatened by global warming as they grow on the edge of land. While they can survive in water if sea levels rise several meters they are all likely to die.

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