After foolish coal mine is cancelled MPs are angry

I wrote about a month ago about a deep coal mine in Cumbria that was green-lit. Thankfully this foolish plan was reversed.

At a time when many fossil fuel extraction locations around the world will have to stop working without exhausting the resource, the idea of starting a new one is ridiculous. Particularly stupid is to decide to do this, the year that the UK is to host a climate conference – with the purpose of agreeing more cuts.

I am however concerned by the incredible anger that has come from many conservatives in the north of England. They have complained that their constituencies will miss out on investments as a result of this being shelved.

Workington PM Mark Jenkinson claimed that this represented a “capitulation to climate alarmists”. Frankly the people of Workington should vote him out of office the next chance that they get – it is not climate alarmism, it is climate realism to recognise that as the UK is having to cut our emissions deeply, we should not be digging up more buried coal.

Perhaps this MP is angry because almost all the coal would have been exported, as there are few coal plants left in the UK? This would mean that the emissions would not effect the UK cutting emissions. It is foolish and well beneath the level we should expect from our elected officials.

If global warming melts more of the sea ice, we will find that parts of the UK are under water.

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