Africa’s second great migration

While the great Serengeti migration is known about by most people, there is a second almost as impressive migration that occurs on the African continent.

The great white eared Kob migration sweeping across the open plains

Unfortunately, this migration occurs in a far less stable place. Indeed, it is only in recent years that this region of Africa has emerged from violence that raged on and off for 2 decades. So dangerous was it that no researchers had remained. As people returned, they found that the incredible migration was largely untouched.

I am talking of the migration of tiang and white-eared kob in South Sudan. More than half a million animals go on this migration which covers the Sudd wetlands of South Sudan and the Western Ethiopian swamps of Gambella.

Given the violence, few tourists have managed to make it to this remote corner of Africa, which gives the few visitors a feel more reminiscent of explorers to tourists.

As the situation improves tourists must return. If they do, then locals will see the wildlife as a useful local way of improving their lives. If no tourist money materializes, locals are likely to use the huge resources that are on their doorstep – and we could see this incredible wildlife spectacle lost forever.

I will certainly try to add it to this site at some point, to make that travel easier.

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