Africa’s second great migration

While the great Serengeti migration is known about by most people, there is a second almost as impressive migration that occurs on the African continent.

The great white eared Kob migration sweeping across the open plains

Unfortunately, this migration occurs in a far less stable place. Indeed, it is only in recent years that this region of Africa has emerged from violence that raged on and off for 2 decades. So dangerous was it that no researchers had remained. As people returned, they found that the incredible migration was largely untouched.

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The Kob migration (South Sudan)

Image by Animal Picture Society

In 2011 a new country was created in Africa: South Sudan. This country is roughly the size of France. Before the split there had been a civil war going on much of the time for over 50 years. After the split there was a brief period of calm and scientists were able to go into the country to asses the state of the wildlife.

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