The British prime minister has pledged to bring forwards the date at which new fossil fuel car sales will be banned

The British government has once again brought forward the date at which UK companies will no longer be allowed to sell fossil fuel cars new. The new date is set to be 2030, by which time all new cars must be electric or some other green energy source.

This is part of the government’s 10-point planned towards a greener country, and meeting our climate targets (I will address it in its own article).

However expert analysis suggests that moving this date to 2030 will not be enough, and that if we want to stay within our carbon budget 2026 is the latest we can ban fossil fuel cars from is encouraging to see the government suggesting things like this when there is much concern about the UK’s ability to recover from the the covid market crash.

Clearly these targets must be ramped up,and to give the car companies enough time to adjust it must happen in the next year or two, though whether Boris Johnson’s government will be willing to commit more parliamentary time to this same subject in the next few years is unlikely.

While some may call these targets aggressive, it clearly isn’t enough to meet its own reasoning, and so while it is a good per step Boris Johnson should not be given credit yet.

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