What an odd picture, a cheetah in the snow?

Why should this picture be odd? Unfortunately it is our own prejudice that makes it seem so. Back in 1900 when 100,000 roamed Africa, they lived in almost all habitats.

While it is not the stereotypical image of a cheetah, they have to cope with snow from time to time

Not found in dense jungle, or the extreme deserts, they could be found almost everywhere else. As such it was not at all rare to see them in the snow, and indeed the Iranian cheetahs are still occasionally seen in snowy landscapes.

This picture was taken in the Rogge Cloof Nature Reserve, in South Africa’s Eastern province.

The same as my last article on cheetah the population is growing well in South Africa. In this instance the reserve has trans-located several cheetah to Malawi a country 1400 miles from South Africa.

Both for the benefit of cheetahs themselves and for humans and other animals that live with them, this work must continue. Cheetah are an essential part of many ecosystems, keeping animals in check in places where there is no space or suitability for one of the bigger cat such as lion or leopard to control.

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