Prince George so devastated by David Attenborough’s documentary – the logical reaction

There has recently been a large amount of coverage about a new documentary, made by David Attenborough, called ‘extinction: the facts’

Prince William sat down with his family to watch it, but he ended up turning it off because Prince George was becoming so distressed. The royal family have an incredible opportunity to fight for the wilderness and wild animals of our planet, so it is encouraging that this will likely continue with the next generation.

The simple fact of the matter is, there is no other logical response: it is devastating what humanity is doing to the natural world. Furthermore if we survive the damage that we are are causing to the planet we will have to spend billions or trillions a year doing things that nature used to do for us.

Indeed we are already looking at a world, where many of the creatures we can see in zoos are coming close to disappearing from their wild habitats.

See my little coming soon on the decline in the 4 biggest cats in the world, for example.

There are already many species that now only exist in captivity.

Frankly, prince George’s reaction is the only logical reaction to take. Looking at programs like zoo quest from 60 + years ago, show a world that likely won’t exist again. I find it depressing, and I show my children wildlife and wilderness as often as I can afford to encourage their love of it and desire to protect it for their children and grandchildren.

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