Driving from the southwest tip of Cornwall to North most tip of Scotland in electric car does work- record-breaking trip

A team have driven from the southwest tip of Cornwall to the most northern point of Scotland in a Tesla model 3. One of the arguments against electric cars is that they take too long to recharge. Despite more than 90% of the average drivers journey being easily short enough to be done without fully depleting the battery,everyone seems to worry about the one or two trips a year that go long-distance and how it won’t be possible. 

I have not yet had the money to upgrade to electric, however this is an issue that will affect us. Most populations of wild animals live a significant distance from the UK, for a car to be able to suit our needs, these set of journeys need to be commonplace.

In this case the journey was 1367 kilometres (850 miles) which is far more that can be done on one charge of the batteries. The team spent 1 hour, 31 minutes and 32 second charging on the route, easily breaking the previous record by more than 2 hours.

850 miles driven non-stop at 70 miles an hour will take more than 12 hours. Over this time scale, even with two of you alternating driving, you are likely to wish to stop for an hour and a half or so over the journey, between food and toilet breaks.

In other words with a huge advance in charging speeds that the Tesla 3 and y get with the version 3 superchargers, recharging is no longer the thing that slows you down-instead it is the humans in the car.

In other words, there is now essentially no reason to stop you buying an electric car. It will be able to do anything that you wish it too. I will look at the finance comparison in a separate article

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