Once a year in the Ecuadorian cloud rain forest the real Paddington bears come together to feast on wild avocados

As in other parts of the world, human encroachment is pushing wild species into smaller areas of land, and reducing their population.

Oddly the Andean (or spectacled) bears have been bucking the trend. A species that can travel 10km in a day, and is naturally timid is not easy to study as they are not regularly encountered. 

As such, this opportunity is highly important for study, in a natural way this ia similar to the study of the great apes where fruit was provided to help them overcome their fear of humans. It is also similar to the salmon runs where brown bears gather in large numbers. 

These lowland bears behave differently.  They have been seen to hunt- a surprising finding ad these bears were thought to be vegetarians. 

It is clear that research is necessary, so as to work out how to live harmoniously alongside the bears particularly when it comes to farming and livestock rearing.

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