Would you wish to pay a lot of money to go deer hunting with Donald Trump Jr?

The safari club International a group who lived to support the Hunting of various animals not minding how endangered they are, has recently Auctioned the chance to go hunting with Donald Trump Jr and his son in the Nevada wilderness.

donald trump jr, keen hunter

You will not be hunting big game but will be hunting the local deer.

All the lots in the auction are being sold with the aim to raise 5 million to support the work of the safari Club. While some of this money raised will go to conservation, A significant portion of it will also go to supporting the Hunting of wild animals.

One of the major arguments given for the supporting of hunting is that the money it brings in can be used for conservation. Generally the goods that hunting does is vastly overstated. While the Photographic safari of the same animals may have a bigger impact on the local environment, It has been shown that in all but a very small number of places this impact is positive giving the locals a reason to protect the flora and fauna in the area and an income that allows the standard of living around the wild area to improve. Hunting is rarely run by locals, the tourist and the guides coming from far away shooting animal often without a penny going to the local population and then go away again. The only places where hunting is better, Is in places that for one reason or another few people can enter; one example is the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania. Because the area has a number of endemic illnesses few people are prepared to run the risk to visit- because of the size of the Game Reserve it is capable of coping with low levels of hunting, and therefore the area can make money even though few people visit. 

It should be noted though that poaching undercuts this argument are therefore even in places like the Selous hunting of animals such as elephants should have been stopped due to the horrific poaching that has occurred over the last decade or two.

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