Tanzania is 1.7 times the size of France. From this websites point of view it is a country well worth visiting. With some of the best known savannah ecosystems including the Serengeti and its incredible migration of 2 million wildebeest (along with many other species), it is on a lot of peoples bucket list. 

Less well known reserves, but arguably with higher conservation value, include what was the Selous reserve (Nyerere national park) which contains 5000 of the continents remaining lions, as well as the Udzungwa national park, Gombe Stream, a small reserve with a group of Chimpanzees and Mahale, which still hosts about 1000 but is far more remote and harder to get to.

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Supporting between 1/3 and 1/4 of the worlds remaining lions, as well a a vast array of wilderness, but also hosting some of the worst hit reserves in terms of poaching in recent years, Tanzania is essential to conservation. Thankfully, as tourism makes up a large part of their economy there is also a great need to be effective in conservation for the well-being of the people of the country.

We have both visited this country, but also have a range of links for your future travel. 


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