Have the heartland Institute discovered the anti Greta thurnburg?

The heartland Institute is pushing forward a young woman named Naomi Seibt as a counter to Greta Thunberg. I am intentionally not including a photo. One is easily found but who it is, is irrelevant. The Heartland institute has recognised how powerful Greta Thurnbergs mesage has been over the last few years and is trying to line up someone against her that looks similar. Don’t be taken in, this is a young person arguing for the status quo to be retained, but with no knowledge or facts on her side. The Heartland institute is well known for pushing dubious or blatantly false arguments, and frankly anyone they like would be someone that I would not take seriously.

She has called for free markets and climate realism, and claims that the the predictions of global warming doom a vastly exaggerated and therefore should be ignored and we should get on with our lives. While this is likely to be an extremely popular message amongst the alt-right that is pushing it forwards, I don’t see this woman making a significant impact as Greta thunberg has. 

Outside America, the move towards fighting global warming appears to be unstoppable. At the end of Trump’s term in office whenever that is it is likely that the new President will be capable of reading the facts clearly and America would rejoin the global fight. As such I see this as another desperate attempt by the heartland Institute to put off the inevitable. 

While under trump this seems of foolish view, the most likely future outcomes for the planet is either substantial global warming or a concerted effort by the entire planet to stop this outcome – either outcome will make organisations such as the heartland Institute that has fought this looks stupid in the lens of History.

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