Steve mnuchin makes a backhand suggestion about Greta thunberg that she should go and study economics at university

Steven mnuchin has suggested that Greta thunberg’s call for immediate fossil fuel divestment suggest that she does not know the first thing about economics and that she should therefore go and study it.

The arrogance of him suggesting that she does not know about economics is incredible. What are his qualifications for the role apart from as an entitled investment banker- the rich have had an extra large impact on the environment.

To the contrary given all of the assessments from reputable environmentalists ( possibly working on the Donald Trump Steve mnuchin will not have met many of these recently) and virtually all economic forecasts suggest that we can either spend billions of pounds changing our market now ( divesting from fossil fuels and investing in carbon neutral alternatives) or trillions of pounds doing so in the future.

It does not take a maths degree to understand that divesting now is the better option. Even had the nerve to suggest that America still leads the world in it’s moved to world carbon emissions reductions, and that all trump has done is moved the Investment of the public book and into private companies.

Forget the fact that the American Secretary of the Treasury thinks that saving billions of pounds now at a cost of trillions to our children is acceptable, or that is acceptable for him to behave in such a despicable way as to attack of 17-year old as his boss did; the simple fact is that the American government is determined to continue to operate as the worldwide pariah when it comes to trying to fight and Survive climate change, despite all studies showing that America will be hit harder than almost every other country on the planet: American citizen should take note, any alternative in the next election will lead to a better outcome, as it is clear under Trump the American government will not do what is required to look after its own people.

Have the heartland Institute discovered the anti Greta thurnburg?

The heartland Institute is pushing forward a young woman named Naomi Seibt as a counter to Greta Thunberg. I am intentionally not including a photo. One is easily found but who it is, is irrelevant. The Heartland institute has recognised how powerful Greta Thurnbergs mesage has been over the last few years and is trying to line up someone against her that looks similar. Don’t be taken in, this is a young person arguing for the status quo to be retained, but with no knowledge or facts on her side. The Heartland institute is well known for pushing dubious or blatantly false arguments, and frankly anyone they like would be someone that I would not take seriously.

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Greta thunberg leads protest of 30000 environmentalists in in Bristol and calls for young people to be the adults in the room

Greta thunberg is back in the UK and is leading a protest in Bristol into the destruction of the environment and global warming. She has stated that young people have to be the adults in the room as the leaders of virtually all countries are not doing enough to save the globe.

Objectively it is hard to argue with her analysis.

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