Trump accuses Obama of “violating the carbon footprint”

After Obama flew to Hawaii and amongst other things play Duran of golf trump accused him of having violated the carbon footprint. In actual fact the Obama’s were having a holiday in Hawaii, unlike Trump, Obama doesn’t seem to go places merely to play golf.

However the main point this is just absurd hypocrisy on the part of Trump: Trump has spent considerable effort undoing as many of the positive moves Obama made related to the climate since he came into office in particular the Paris climate agreement which trump has been trying to get out of despite holding America to no firm rules whatsoever. He has also made it clear that he does not believe the consensus on climate change and has done all he can to open back up the debate (and let us not forget the mocking he does of anyone who tries to talk about the climate issues in particular people such as Greta thunberg).

It is clear that this is just another occasion of trump trying to attack Obama, and rather clumsy one at that. Trump will be remembered as an American president who in the time needed to cut emissions did everything he could to increase them and to undo the global consensus on trying to combat climate change.

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