The individual footprint people in Britain reach the annual carbon footprint of the people from Rwanda and Burundi in as little as two weeks

There are 7 countries in Africa whose citizens emit less CO2 in a year hear them Britons will have done by the 14th of January. By the end of January this has risen significantly, and the average uk citizen will have emitted more CO2 than people living in the majority of the countries in africa

While in these countries there is less need to heat homes, this shows the huge power demands that we have compared to much of the rest of the world.

The same study also found that many Britons are concerned about their impacts on the world and and the addition they are making to global warming. There is a thirst to cut the carbon emissions of the UK- the government must either pick up the baton and lead or get out of the way. While the British government have set wonderful aspirational targets they have been LAX in actually putting forward sensible plans that would allow these to be met. A far more rapid ramp down in the amount of money given to support fossil fuel subsidies would release billions of pounds that the government could invest into products and services that the British population want and will help us meet our carbon aims.

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