A recent assessment shows that not only would Reintroducing species enriched the environments they go into but would also improve the lands ability to suck in carbon

The UK is one of the most poor countries in the world, in terms of the amount of biodiversity that we have eradicated and the ecosystems that we have lost. Reintroducing beavers Wildcats and potentially larger predators has always been talked up by those people who want to re-balance the environment. Allowing natural Processes to control the numbers of deer and animals like this would be highly advantageous to the ecosystem. But what this study found was that that if if these improvements are made then when a by-products will be the land will start being able to to become a carbon sink once again. From naturally returning forests and Woodlands to peat bogs.

The professor in question, made it clear that while he was entirely for the reintroduction of animals such as Wolves and bears ( and indeed believes within a couple of decades they will be back in vast enclosures within Scotland) the the carbon sequestration and other advantages could be obtained reintroducing animals such as Beavers and pine Martens which would allow the UK to start restoring its ecosystem so it can perform the functions that are required within the next few years, as acceptance amongst the public is high for the return of these small mammals.

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