An official in Brazil is shot for trying to protect indigenous people

As well as fires, Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro approach’s to protecting the Amazon has been shown to lead to problems. His stance of supporting farmers and loggers in their theft of land, both from national parks or indigenous tribal land has reached its ultimate and some would say obvious conclusion.

While working for indigenous protection agency, Maxciel Pereira dos Santos earned the ire of both Farmers and Loggers, leading to being shot twice in the head. He was simply a member of the agency carrying out his job.

The problems being experienced in the Amazon have alarming parallels with the problems occurring in the USA. The agency responsible for stopping invasions of indigenous land is a government Agency. The head of state Bolsonaro, who is responsible for that agency, can hamper its efforts, in the same way that Trump has hampered the efforts of of the environmental protection agency in the USA. Unfortunately while the fight against Trump in the USA is having some success it doesn’t look like the same is happening in Brazil.

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