Hertz has found that electric cars cost 50-60% less money to maintain

With huge savings on electric car maintenance, Hertz has just put in a similar size order (to that for tesla) to GM. This will bring their worldwide number up to over quarter of a million electric cars to rent.

Could hertz become an electric car rental only

It is true that Hertz owns 550,000 electric vehicles around the world, so this move will bring them closer to about 50% of their cars.

This is also encouraging, because while electric cars are often so much more expensive to buy upfront, the savings both on fuel and maintenance, as well as the customer preference and the positive front it gives are clearly more than worth this extra investment.

I could see Hertz eventually only owning electric cars- though this will need some of the very small cars as well. Having said this, I would hope that Hertz would pass some of the savings on to their renters through reduced prices – which could negate the need to have as large a range of vehicles.

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