So, the Brazilian people first vote was not clear enough to avoid a run-off – will the Amazon rainforest get a reprieve?

Yesterday, the first round of the Brazilian election was not clear enough. While Lula (Jair Bolsonaro competitor) received 48.3% of the vote – however, the Brazil law requires a vote to be over 50%. As a result, the winner and the runner up – Bolsonaro, go to a run-off set for the 30th of October. Jair Bolsonaro received 43.3% of the vote.

This is critical for the worlds fight against climate change. The Amazon is close to a tipping point, where the rainforest reduction will reduce rainfall. This in turn, will mean that there is less rainfall – an endless circle. The result is likely to be that much of the Amazon would become a large Savannah.

Experts predict that the remaining carbon budget for the planet is about 400 billion tonnes. The problem is that the Amazon is thought to hold 100 billion – much of which would be lost in a collapse.

We many not have s say on what happens next in Brazil, but we have an enormous stake. If you have a platform into Brazil, do try to do some education. Runaway global warming will hit everyone hard, but Brazil is among the countries which has the potential to loose badly.

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