Moon wobbles have been linked to mass mangrove tree deaths

Mangrove trees are essential in many parts of the world. Having been severely depleted in recent decades, the human race has realized their importance late, as ever. From stabilizing shore lines, and stopping excessive loss of sand into the sea, they also seive much of our pollution out of the water.

Mangrove forests are essential for a variety of reasons. We need them, to catch as much carbon as possible. They are also fantastic for sea defences, and (as you can see above) nature reserves

For the human race, they are also essential as other trees cannot grow where mangroves grow. The amount of carbon that can be stored by these forests is huge, so without them, our fight limit global warming will be far harder.

The moons wobble happens over an 18.61 year cycle, and this controls a variety of things, such as maximum hide heights as well as canopy cover for the mangrove forests.

This is clearly something that we are going to come to rely on, if we wish the Mangrove forests around the world to be as useful a carbon sink as is possible.

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